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Lorraine Mitchelmore on Leadership
Acting globally, acting locally – A speech by Lorraine Mitchelmore
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A Call to Action: Innovation Canada Review of Federal Support to R&D (Jenkins Report)

A Call to Action: Innovation Canada Special Report on Procurement (Jenkins Report)

Compete to Win; Competition Policy Review Panel, June 2008 (Wilson report)

A Simple Solution to Canada’s Innovation Problem, Tom Jenkins, Oct 2011
OpenText Chairman Tom Jenkins analyzes challenges to enhanced innovative performance

Behind The Firewall, Big Data and the Hidden Web, Tom Jenkins, April 2012
OpenText Chairman Tom Jenkins reviews the evolution of the Web and Web-based services

Websites with good information on Innovation theory and practices from different sectors

Social Innovation
An excellent survey of social innovation from a Toronto-based incubator. The site is worth exploring with links to its ‘lab’ process along with a useful resources list and tips on how to think about social innovation.
An unusually detailed Wikipedia entry that gives an overview of the social innovation movement, but has a useful list of resources in the field in its bibliography.
A 2014 speech from Sir Ronald Cohen, one of the leading pioneers in social innovation.
This is from a dormant-seeming U.S. site whose name is self explanatory. But this page has a good list of innovation resources for non-profits.
A handy toolkit for non-profits doing a strategic plan or reassessment or just beginning to grapple with innovation. The site (U.S.) has a host of other resources. (French only)
An excellent web-based survey of the various aspects of innovation from one of France’s universities. Everything from definitions, how to finance innovation, public attitudes towards innovation, and so on. Contains good links to further reading. (French only)
This essay was part of an international festival of geographers. It takes a long view of innovation through human history, and contains a good precis of the theoretical underpinnings of innovation.

Innovation, Technology and the 21st Century Global Economy, a speech from Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund on Innovation (Webcast available).

Canada’s global innovation standing continues to drop, says World Economic Forum, an article published in the Hill Times on December 1st, 2014 by Rachel Aiello.
A U.S. list of more than 30 best practices, each linked to an article about the particular topic. Aimed at larger businesses, but some good general insights.
Good strategies for fostering innovation to improve competitiveness from a software company.
An article on seven basic strategies of innovative organizations by a leading U.S. consultant.
There are countless ‘tips’ pages on the web. This one is another Harvard entry. Each entry here links to a longer discussion about the point in question.
Largely focused on the attitudes of millenials based on work from Deloitte, but some good HR principles are outlined.
A look at how China views innovation. A detailed survey research piece from a U.S. consultancy. (French only)
Precis of a recent book, en francais, which explores a variety of cases involving innovation and its applicability in real world situations.

The Public Policy Forum regularly publishes research papers and has a focus on government. This one is rooted in a survey of more than 100 public service managers and distils their insights. The home page has a good guide to the forum’s entire body of work.
The European Union has an innovation initiative as part of its strategic plan for 2020. It’s largely devoted to monitoring innovation across member states. But it also has some solid research reports on this site.
This blog post from the UK has some useful tips about how to push innovation against status quo thinking. It’s also a portal into a rich trove of municipal government innovation initiatives.
A Heritage Foundation research paper that highlights a number of educational and community building examples from across the United States.
A Washington-based public policy site that has a good daily innovation news summary on its home page and links to other resources as well. A bit military and tech-flavoured, but looks around the world as well as America.
Twenty five inspiring quotes on the subject.

Measuring Innovation: A New Perspective, an OECD Innovation Strategy document. This volume builds on 50 years of indicator development by OECD and goes beyond R&D to describe the broader context in which innovation occurs. It includes experimental indicators that provide insight into new areas of policy interest, and highlights measurement gaps to propose directions for advancing the measurement agenda.
At his Stanford University commencement speech, Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple and Pixar, urges us to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setbacks — including death itself.
10 Practices from the Most Innovative Organizations
Measuring and Explaining Innovative Capability: Evidence from Southeast Asia. What causes firm-level product innovation in developing economies? This paper answers this question by emphasizing the role of process improvements that are influential in product innovation. We construct a firm-level innovative capability score using novel, broad-based, but detailed data on various process improvement practices obtained from firms in Southeast Asia.
Social Innovation and Resilience: How One Enhances the Other, by Frances Westley
Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) Research update to Associate Mark Goldenberg’s report, entitled Social Innovation in Canada – How the non-profit sector serves Canadians … and how it can serve them better (November 2004)
“Social Innovation”: What Is It? Who Does It? By Policy Horizons Canada
Economic Prosperity and Social Cohesion: The Role of Entrepreneurship and Innovation an OECD Perspective. Speech by the OECD Deputy Secretary General Mr. Aart de Geus
Speech at Orange Event “rendez-vous”: Connect with European Innovation by Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society
Speech by MIT President Susan Hockfield at the annual meeting of the National Governors Association (NGA) on Innovation
Why Disruptive Innovation Can Help Market Leaders
Science, technology and innovation in a 21st century context by John H. Marburger III
Marillyn A. Hewson, President and CEO, Lockheed Martin, on How to Inspire Innovation
Michael Stanleigh, President and CEO of Business Improvement Architects on the innovation process from vision to reality.
Chapter 5: How to Innovate, The Innovation Master Plan, the CEO’s guide to innovation by langdon morris
From market failures to market opportunities: managing innovation under asymmetric information by Pierre Barbaroux
Open innovation, networking, and business model dynamics: the two sides by Brigitte Gay
This article contends that for a business model to be viable in turbulent and hypercompetitive environments, its dynamics are important and must leverage, out of all key business model modules proposed in different studies, on a combined value and network perspective
A strengths-based approach to mentoring women entrepreneurs: how to free the strengths within them by Olga Stavropoulou and Sophia Protopapa
Entrepreneurship has been considered the route towards European recovery and growth. The contribution of female entrepreneurship is of utmost importance as women bring into business ventures attributes such as team spirit, synergy, intuition, multi-tasking, and social awareness, beneficial both for entrepreneurial advancement and society
Perspectives on innovation by Michael E. Raynor, a director with Deloitte Services LP
Institutional innovation by Deloitte’s John Hagel III & John Seely Brown addresses how institutional innovation allows organizations to rearchitect themselves to scale learning and generate richer innovations at other levels, including products, business